Saturday, November 22, 2014

Living Rosary

A couple of months ago the older children at school performed the living rosary.  The rosary is a way for Catholic's to pray, and depicts the story of our salvation, it is often considered the perfect prayer.  The children depicted and we all prayed the sorrowful mysteries, which goes through the birth, and death of Jesus.  It is so powerful to watch the children perform.

This was Katie's first year in the Living Rosary and she was one of the women watching as Jesus carried his cross.  She wore one of the sister's habits, and she said it was such a cool thing.  The children are so curious about the sisters and their traditions.

Last Easter we watched the mini series The Bible, and as a mother I cried as Mary watched her son die on the cross.  What a powerful message the movie held, the producers, actors, and directors told the story so profoundly well, I highly recommend watching it!

The children did a beautiful job.  It makes me so proud to see our children learning about God, Jesus, and the Bible.  Going to a religious school they are gaining knowledge on their faith, and learning such wonderful lessons on morals, and what their purpose is.  Watching Katie perform such a powerful story makes me one proud Mama!!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Fun

This Halloween was very exciting.  Two of the three kiddos were able to choose what they wanted to dress like.  Katie was Madeline Hatter from the Ever After High books.

Clint was super excited to be a bat.  He told me he wanted to be that this summer and stuck to his guns.  Abby was Sofia the First, after her favorite Disney character.

I wasn't going to carve pumpkins.  I had found these cool Mr Potato head attachments you just poke into the pumpkin, but buying at a yard sale is dangerous and of course they were missing pieces.  So we carved.  Abby picked this tiny pumpkin and insisted we carve it.  I didn't even know you could carve a pumpkin this small.  But we did and it even fit our electric tea light!

Katie drew her face out for me to carve.  But I am not the best carver and so this is what she got.  Not too bad, but not great.

Clint was too grossed out to scoop out the seeds, so lucky me got to scoop and carve his.

Even us little kid teachers got in the halloween spirit.  I was the tooth fairy, and Jennifer the preschool teacher was a witch.  The kids at school always get a kick out of us dressing up.  Although I'll admit I probably embarrassed Katie to death as I fairy walked around the lunch room checking kids teeth.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Idaho hunting through the years

 I told Rick I would have loved to post some pictures of their hunt through the years to connect with this last trip.  He found some old pictures that I think you all will enjoy!!

Mike and the gold mine sometime in the early 90's.

Rick, Mike, and Duke up on the mountain in the early 90's

Mike and Dan.

Camp circa 1990's

The same camp in 1976.

The kill in better years.


What happens when you don't have a great tent. 1988

Looking a little grumpy and dirty, and the tent had collapsed (I'd be grumpy too!!).  But look how young they look!! 1988

Friday, October 31, 2014

Hunting 20 something years later

For years and years and YEARS the Copsey men have traversed to Idaho to hunt deer.  The last hunt was somewhere around 20 years ago and this year they decided to do it again.  So they got a nice tent, and some hunting provisions and set out for a grand hunt.

We got a big ol' tent for the occasion, and it's huge.  But that will come in handy with our family to use in the summers!!!
 What's a photo of the Copsey men without this pose???

 They searched high and low and sadly no deer.  That was a bummer!!!

 One reason for no deer....wolf tracks.  I hear you "but wolves are only in Yellowstone!!!" Sadly the wolf population has become a bit overgrown, and it could be one of the causes of the decline in deer.  See the smaller tracks? That's a coyote.  The wolf track is as big as Rick's hand!

 They did come upon this old mining camp.

 Looks like the cabin is still in use, but the mine is not.

 Rick and Mike spent their last day exploring the camp.  It looks pretty cool!

The trip was one of visiting, remembering, and fun.  Who knows if or when this opportunity will come around again.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Time to reconnect

This year I drew out for a buck antelope.  Rick has been wanting me to go hunting with him for years, and I told him I probably wouldn't mind antelope hunting, I was unsure about the rest.  So after four years of putting in I drew out.  I was nervous but Rick took me shooting and we were both surprised to find I am not a terrible shot.  So we waited until someone was able to watch the kids and we took off on our adventure.  

 We spent all morning driving around my area and Rick kept saying too small, too small.  I was beginning to think a small one would be ok, but he was determined to find me a big ol buck!  Driving around wasn't so hard, it was a great time for us to talk, and reconnect, which is so hard with three kids around us.  I called it our bonding time, and it really was such a good time.  I'd tell you the whole hunting adventure for getting this big guy, and we are happy to report the buck is the biggest one anyone's gotten in awhile.  I will say the stats Rick reported; I shot the buck at 230 yards while sitting on the side of a mesa.  There was a strong cross wind and he (the buck) was walking.  I shot him through the liver, and he went down hard.  I'm feeling a bit Annie Oakley at the moment and Rick is prepping it for a taxidermy mount.

Rick packed the antelope about a mile back to the car backpack style, he was covered in nasty, and he skinned it at home and tomorrow will work on getting it ready for a wall mount.  I can't believe how much fun we had and we are now thinking of what we hunt for together next.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Love is...

" Give me a kiss Clint.  I love you brother."
 "I love you too Abby *Muah* now let me watch my show."
 "My Brother"
UGH LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!  Poor Clint no one in this house can resist him!  It's a curse!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Miss Abigail

Abby is our loudest, wildest, bravest of the bunch.  She gets her fearless nature from her brother and sister.  She and Clint are close as any brother and sister could be.  She can get down and dirty with trucks and cars with Clint, and the next minute be in a princess dress ready to play tea party with Katie.

 She is a bit of a neat freak, and loves to use wipes constantly on her hands and face.  She will empty a container of wet ones in a heartbeat
 She climbs everything, showing no fear for falling, heights, or hurting herself!
 If Clint does it Abby does it.  She is her little brothers shadow.  She is Daddy's littlest girl too, and loves to be part of the crowd.  Especially if there's ice cream involved.
 This was Abby's second birthday party.  She was more grumpy than anything on this day.  We were all excited for her though and once she saw presents she was better!
 She LOVES her doggy, and Molly loves the attention!  Abby is always watching out for our oldest pup Molly (she's 10 already!!!)  Molly puts up with all the pulling and lifting, she'll do anything for attention!
 Our sitter had a baby this year and she ADORES her!  The baby looks a tad frightened here and I don't blame her one bit, Abby thinks she's a doll!
This summer Abby got her first pair of flip flops and she was in heaven.  She is growing up so fast, they all are, and while I am sad to not have any babies anymore, I am happy that we are able to go more places, and do more things, these big kids are sure a lot of fun!