Sunday, September 20, 2015

Just Call her Chip

I've been letting Katie go a little further and further away from me on her bike.  A couple of weeks ago I let her go around the block (yes it was a big deal!!!)  She and Clint were racing, I would have Clint go down the street with his remote control car and she'd have to get around the block and back to the starting line before he got down and back.  Well in the last race she was really pedaling hard toward home and BAM! she hit the curb, flew over the handlebars like superman and landed on her belly.  There was crying and stomach pain, and she went inside to rest.  Clint in all his concern assured her that she had won since she flew.  What a nice brother.  Well a few minutes after resting she came to me and asked if something was wrong with her tooth as it felt rough.  I looked and sure enough she'd chipped it.  Fabulous!   

When her Dad got home that afternoon we told him what happened, and showed him the damage.  He told her it was best that she get back on her bike and get riding.  So she did.  She's not bothered by her tooth, in fact we call her Chip and she rolls with it.  What a girl!

Update: The next day Rick was going into the dentist anyway so he showed the dr this photo, and we were reassured to hear that unless it hurt she was probably fine, just a little chipped.  I see a little cosmetic dentistry in her future, unless she decides it gives her character!

Monday, September 7, 2015

School Dayz

Well the 2015-16 school year has officially kicked off.  Katie is in 4th grade, Clint is in Kindergarten, and Abby is still in daycare (but she's going to school soon I have to tell her, even though she's not.)

Can you believe how tall Katie is!?!?!  She still remains the tallest in her class.  Clint is in my class this year, and so week in....he's a pretty easy kiddo.  I love the new uniform colors the green hides all major stains!

Katie is most excited about her field trips including a sleep away camp in Jackson Hole in the spring.

Clint loves that he gets two recesses and a lunch with his friends each day.  He especially loves his super awesome R2D2 lunch box.  It makes noise!  Star Wars is big in this house!

Abby also has a back pack, which she fills with "lips" or chapstick.  She also fills her backpack with a change of clothes (woo hoo no more diapers!!!!!), books, and other things she needs to spend her days at Ms Jenny's.  

This is going to be a great school year!  

Friday, August 28, 2015

Final Summer Trip

We took the kids for one last overnight trip to Salt Lake last weekend.  Rick's getting ready to hunt and needed to run to Scheels for supplies.  Yup you heard right I didn't say Cabelas.  Scheels has become our new favorite store, customer service is much better, and they have a ferris wheel.  Need I say more?!?!  We took a trip to the zoo so we could show Rick the dinosaurs, and the new exhibits.  The water fountain cracks me up.  Not only because I have scared the poop out of Clint when he drinks and I say "It's gonna bite you!!!"  But also because now he does it that to his sister.  What a sweet brother helping his sister get a drink (even if he is torturing her at the same time)!

The male gorilla was especially fun.  He was laying by the glass and the kids played a game of peek a boo with him.  

The dinosaurs all over the park were robotic and were pretty exciting to watch.  I think these treats would be pretty yummy don't you?

A trip to the zoo isn't complete without a ride on the train.  

What a fun weekend we had.  But now we are faced with going back to school.  I think Katie'd rather be eaten by a Grizzly!  

Friday, August 21, 2015

Are you ready for some football?

Football season has begun.  Yes its preseason, but in this house when the Packers play the Copsey's are watching.  Who is your favorite team?

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Summer in a nutshell

This summer passed us in a blink of an eye!  I look back at pictures and am reminded that we did a lot this summer!  Katie played on the Rock Springs Storm team again this year.  This is our traveling team.  She loves it and we love it too.  This year she decided she wanted to try catching.  She's pretty good at it, and her coach is awesome and let her play a few innings on the traveling team.

She had so much fun with this group of girls.  A team like this makes for life long friendships.
 The team took 3rd at state.  Hopefully it won't be so darn rainy and next year they will take #1!!!

 We made the drive out to California this year for a super quick trip (we were only out for one week), and spent a couple of days playing in the lake.  Katie worked on her dive and had a more than decent one when we were done.

 Clint got his dive on too.  More of a belly flop, but wow he is persistent and made us laugh!

 He got to drive the boat.  It was a thrill for him and terrifying for us.  Just kidding.  Last time we were out you couldn't get that boy on the boat or in the water.  What a difference being a 5 year old makes!

 Abby was exhausted in this picture.  She too played hard in the water, and loved going for boat rides.

The kids always had their goofy on this summer.

Clint couldn't wait to get down and dirty with Grammie and Papa's tractors.  This was how we'd find him most evenings!

Clint and Abby were both welcomed into the Church this summer when they were baptized.  The did such a good job and Father preformed a wonderful ceremony!

It was such a quick trip after only 7 days we were sadly headed back home, and Katie and Rick both wondered, "Will we ever get to California?"

We had to get home so I could be a Godmother myself to this sweet boy Brady.   It was an extreme honor that I wouldn't have missed for the world!

We ended the summer with yet another sport season.  Clint and Abby both got to play soccer.  They aren't quite sure what to do in this sport except to run, kick a ball (when they can get a chance), and come to the sidelines for a drink of water.  Clint was goalie occasionally and they both enjoyed getting tangled in the nets.  It was probably one of the funniest soccer seasons Rick and I have ever encountered.

Someday these kids will perfect the Copsey pose.  Goofy.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Abby Turns 3!!!

It seems like just yesterday Abby was this tiny newborn.  She was our smallest at 7 lbs 6 oz.  

 She grew into a chubby little baby, sweet tempered, smiling all the time!

 She loves adventure.  She has always been willing to go with the flow, and she will do anything her brother and sister do.  She has never wanted to be treated like a baby.  

This was her second birthday, and I swear the terrible two's reared it's ugly head on her birthday.  But after her nap, she was revived and ready to spend her birthday happy and go lucky.  

Clint and Abby are best of friends.  They play together like they are twins.  Playing nice one minute, fighting the next.  But they defend each other to the end.  

Abby loves to sing and Katie is always willing to indulge her in some Frozen songs.  Katie loves to help Abby, doing all the things big sisters dream of doing when they have such an adorable little sister.

Abby was devastated that Clint and Katie went to school and she didn't.  She hates to be left out of anything that happens in our house. 

Abby made our family complete.  She is a silly, loving, protective, sassy, growing little Copsey.  She is ready for the next adventure....being 3!!!

Friday, May 29, 2015


 Last week Clint became an official Kindergartner.  He graduated in a wonderful ceremony.  Can't you just see the excitement on his face?!?!?!

I asked Clint what he's most excited about happening in Kindergarten, and his reply; "I get to be with you every day Mommy."  Melt my mommy heart!  He is such a sweetheart!

He's so excited to be on summer break now.  He's been very busy staying in his jimmies and being a wild man at daycare all week.  Now I'm done with school too, so it's hang out time at the Copsey house!