Thursday, May 5, 2016

Baseball/Softball Season

 Clint started Rookies this year.  This means the coach pitches to him, and if after 4 pitches they don't hit the ball, the tee comes out.  The kids are still chasing butterflies, jumping on the base, and building dirt castles.  He had a game today and the coaches decided to do a third inning.  In the middle of an inning one kid wanted to see if the coach could pick him up by one leg (he could) two boys were digging in the dirt around third base, and if someone hit the ball the entire team ran after it and tackled each other to get their hands on it.  Finally one kid yelled out "I wanna go home".  I felt his pain.  But I was also pleased to see a few coaches dedicated to coaching such small boys.  I teach kindergarten and you couldn't pay me enough to coach a baseball team full of 5 year olds!!!  But much of the game is spent cheering for the kid who hits the ball (no matter what team they're on).  Its truly a joy to watch such small parents and not care who wins or loses (since in fact it's impossible to win or lose in rookies).  GOOOOOO Rockies!!!

Now this catcher is fun to watch.  She has learned so many great skills.  She is the starting catcher on her traveling team, and typically starts in her league team, although the coach likes to try all girls in all positions.  I am very impressed by her dedication to learning new things, and retaining them.
Unlike Clint's games, Katie's can be difficult.  I know kids on all the teams because of my job, and Katie's experience on the traveling team, so I cheer for them all.  I still don't care what team the girls are on I am cheering for any good hits, and good  plays.  But sadly, as we all have experienced, some parents have such a desire to watch their child win, they make nasty comments, or start fights, or something ridiculous that ruins to game for everyone.  It doesn't happen often but it does happen.  I urge everyone to go out and enjoy the game for the sake of a game.  Win or lose know that this is a game, nothing life changing.  Be the parent who is watching their child do their very best, and the parent who gets along with other spectators in the crowd.  By a licorice rope at the snack shack and relax and have fun.  Here in Wyoming we have had the most gorgeous week.  Any excuse to be out in the sun is all that we need.   GOOOO RSNB!!!!
Happy Spring everyone!!

Monday, February 15, 2016


Clint and Rick were watching TV together last month and they turned on a hockey game.  Clint shouted "I love hockey!!!"  To our knowledge he has never seen hockey, or played hockey before.  We never watch hockey, we know nothing about hockey, and none of us have ever even been ice skating, save for one time when Katie was super tiny.  But Clint from that moment on began using his light saber as a hockey stick and a ball for a puck.  He seems to know more about it than we thought. So I called the ice arena at the rec center and they just happened to have free hockey lessons on Friday nights until the end of the month.  They also were in sign ups for ice skating lessons which I figured might help him play hockey.  Our friend Mark loaned Clint all the gear he would need to get started, and off we went.
Clint spent the first lesson mostly on his butt.  He was incredibly discouraged that he couldn't skate like the other kids.  But his coach stood him up, put a puck in front of his stick and Clint whacked it.  Of course he fell right after the hit.  But the drive to keep going is in him.  The next week he started ice skating lessons, and of course still kept falling.  Again he was a bit discouraged, but he kept at it.  Last night he had his second hockey lesson and lo and behold he didn't fall near as much.  When he did fall he was able to get himself back up, and moving again.
Rick and I are in awe that he could find a sport at age 5 that didn't come at anyone's recommendation, and that he seems to love it as much as he does.  He plays for an hour and come out smelling (and these are his words) like and old dead crocodile.  What a boy!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Old Miss Molly

Our pup Molly is a pup no more.  She turns 12 this year.  We took her to the vet a few weeks ago to get some fatty tumors removed, and her teeth cleaned.  The Dr noticed some congestion and found that her heart is enlarged.

She's on heart medicine now.  It seems like just yesterday she was our tiny puppy, chewing the carpet,  eating our clothes, and anything she could get her tiny teeth on.

She has been a constant in our quickly changing lives.  She has put up with all the babies coming into our house, and she lets them lay on her, wrestle her, and tug her ears with nary a snap.  She has been amazing with them.  She loves her food more than she loves anything.  She lets me know when it's dinner time, and she's enjoying her pills now because we wrap them in lunchmeat.
She makes me laugh, and she makes me crazy.  Turn your back for a second and she's on the table eating off your plate.  As naughty as she can be she's made herself an integral part of our lives.  We will be making her happy and comfortable for the rest of her life.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Growing Up

Clint lost his first tooth this week.  He went to the dentist last month and was told that the bottom two were loose.  He didn't know what to do about it, or how to properly wiggle it to make it looser.  But thankfully his big sister showed him how.  At school he was complaining how it hurt so his teacher (Me) yanked it out.  He was so excited!!!  He put it under his pillow that night and the tooth fairy gave him $5!  He is saving up for a new Star Wars toy.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Christmas Vacation Part 2

Christmas was a blast!  The kids got all they asked for and more.  But three days after Christmas my friend Jennifer and I were off to Salt Lake for a softball workshop at the University of Utah.  Oh my heck!!!!  Two moms and six kids is not remotely easy. I'm talking an insanely good time.   

 The girls haven't picked up their mitts since August and they were psyched to jump back into it.  U of U has a great program for the girls to get some new workout tips, and to work on skill building.  They got a lot out of it.  Don't you love Clint and Dalton watching a movie in the background.  The little kids were such troopers, being hauled all over town, and sitting at the training waiting for their sisters.  

Softball and snow.  Who would think this would happen.  Katie hopes to be a future Ute!  And looking around their campus I'd love her to go here too!

We got home on the 30th and while we had a day to recuperate it wasn't enough time to rest up for the long New Years Eve bash.  Even I was in bed by 9!  Katie and Rick made it till midnight by watching Star Wars.  Clint passed out around 11.  
School starts next week and while I am sad to have to get properly dressed each day, I am excited to see my students and get on with the rest of the year.  After all...summer vacation is only 5 short months away!  WOOT!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Break Part 1

 Grammie and Papa came to spend Christmas with us.  They had to come between storms and thank goodness they made it when they did because last week was full of snow, wind, and COLD!
Winter in Wyoming sometimes involves quite a bit of snow.  Last year we didn't get as much as we'd have liked.  This year we seem to be getting more.  We got about 6 inches this last week, and so we took advantage.  Exercise involved shoveling snow....
...and sledding!!!

We have a perfect little kid hill behind our house and we all enjoyed making runs down the hill.

Abby was WORN OUT!  Papa gave her a lift home.
My dad turned 60 this year and he was here for the celebration.  That was a treat for us all!!!!  I think all of us adults are going on a major diet after all the celebration the season brings!
We spent two days sledding. Grammie and Papa got all the kids sleds, and they had a blast racing, falling, making snow angels, and enjoying the frozen outdoors!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Merry Christmas

 The kids had their Christmas concert this past week, and since it's near impossible to get us all looking presentable I figured this was the best time to get some Christmas photos of the little angels.  Clint is looking particularly dapper in his snazzy suit.  Two years ago we went to the very same concert, with only Katie preforming, and I told Clint he had to dress up (you nice clothes) he decided to go as a minion.  And while that wasn't exactly what I meant by dressing up, I let him go that way because well who cared right?  But this year he indulged me and dressed very well!
 I can't believe it but this was Katie's Christmas dress when she was 4.  My mom made it for her years ago, and it fits Abby now.  She loves wearing dresses!!!  She can't wait until it is her turn to sing on stage, and it is bittersweet for Rick to think this is the last year she will be sitting with him.
 Katie had a duet in the Christmas program this year on her recorder.  She practiced so hard and was able to be first chair in the concert.  For us non musical folks first chair is reserved for the best player.    Katie is in the oldest class in the school.  We always saw her as our little girl, and I suppose she will always remain our little girl, but she is a leader in her school now and we couldn't be prouder!
These three kids sure do make us proud.  They are such great kids, full of fun, and just enough mischief to keep us on our toes.  Please ignore the mess surrounding them.  It was a busy night getting ready for the concert, the kids give us like 5 seconds to smile in front of the tree before all hell would break loose, and we were running late.  Cleaning up our mess would have to wait for another day.
We wish you all a VERY Merry Christmas!!!